BOWL-A-NANA Coffs Harbour is entering it's 3rd year and its looking Better than ever!!


Jakob Robinson wins 2 years in a row!!




Coffs Harbour held it's first ever Bowl Skateboarding competition on September 2nd 2017. Popsgood Skate Shop's Bowl-A-Nana brought Skateboarders from all over Australia together and created an amazing event filled with friends, skateboarding and good times.

I had been trying to get a Bowl Skateboarding comp organised since the park opened 3 years ago, however I had difficulties due to politics and all the things that go with getting a competition up and running. I promised myself I would have one by mid 2017 and when that time came around and I still hadn't got the support I needed I decided to go ahead and get one started with the little resources I had and just get it out of the way.

That's when things just fell into place very quickly. Within 2 weeks I had successfully secured support from Coffs Harbour City Council for the next 3 years and support from other sponsors that I required to make the event possible. As for the name, I just needed one and BOWL-A-NANA just seemed

to work being held in Coffs Harbour the Banana town. In the end BOWL-A-NANA exceeded the expectations I had and the amount of support and positive feedback from the event is overwhelming. The only thing to do now is make it bigger and better next year.


Big thanks to all the sponsor who made this happen Popsgood, Coffs Harbour City Council, ASF, ASCI, Open Studio, Braven, Seven, Theeve, DSCO, VANS, FIIK, Zero, Decrepit, Really Board, Spitfire and Parlay

Bevo- Popsgood

Pics by Lisa Kindberg